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How Giving Benefits You

  • 4 Ways Giving to Charity Can Benefit You, Too | Charles Schwab. Supporting a cause you believe in can be a hugely rewarding experience, but how you give matters as well. Donors are increasingly using charitable vehicles that allow them to give now, in addition to making bequests.
  • 5 Ways Giving is Good for You | Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley. Holiday shopping can be terrifying, yes. But research suggests it’s worth it: New studies attest to the benefits of giving—not just for the recipients but for the givers’ health and happiness, and for the strength of entire communities.
  • 7 Science-Backed Reasons Why Generosity Is Good For Your Health | Huffington Post. Giving of yourself — whether it be your time, energy or money — isn’t just a boon to those you’re helping. A wealth of research shows that generosity can also have benefits for the giver, ranging from a better outlook at your job, to more years of life. Check out these science-backed reasons to make generosity a regular part of your day.
  • Benefits From Giving | Forbes. We all admire people who live the credo “It’s better to give than receive,” but it might be even better to give and receive–especially when you can afford it and get the biggest tax benefit. 
  • Tax Benefits of Giving | Charity Navigator. While we believe at Charity Navigator that your primary motivation to donate to charity should be altruism, we also think you should know that great tax benefits exist for those who give. Here are some of the rules and benefits you should know about. 

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  • Houson Arts Allance. Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) is the local nonprofit arts and culture agency that enhances the city’s quality of life through advancing and investing in the arts and diverse cultural programming.
  • Houston Endowment. A philanthropic foundation established by Jesse H. and Mary Gibbs Jones in 1937—improves life for the people of greater Houston through its grants to nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.
  • Texas Commission on the Arts. The mission of the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) is to advance our state economically and culturally by investing in a creative Texas.


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