Auditions and Membership

New-Singer Audition Information

Audition dates and times: 

A limited number of audition appointments will be available between 6:00 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. before our first rehearsal, Monday, August 21. 

Click here to request a new-singer audition.

Lindsay Reilly, Auditions Coordinator

Returning Singer Members

To have everything ready before rehearsals start on Monday, August 21, we need to know many singers plan to participate in our exciting 2017-18 concert season

Tell us either way if you plan to return this season.

Membership Contact

Lindsay Reilly, Membership Director

Our Vision

International Voices Houston is a multicultural group of singers who inspire, educate, and bring joy to our audiences through world music.  We perform international choral works in their unique styles and languages. We celebrate our cultural diversity as part of the greater Houston community through our collaborative environment of camaraderie, learning, and growth.

We sing because we love music, but we sing with International Voices Houston to form diverse friendships, nourish ourselves, have fun, and enrich our lives in Houston. International Voices Houston enhances our quality of life, regardless of our musical background, and its non-tangible spirit is one of “home.”

Artistically, we strive to expand our musical repertoire, continually developing concerts that are thought-provoking and viscerally engaging for our ever-broadening audiences.

Through our programs, we seek to broaden our presence in the community through increased partnerships with area civic and arts groups, youth organizations, choirs and artists.

image: International Voices Houston performing at MATCH